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6 Smart Moving Tips You’ll Appreciate

Let’s face it, moving is no fun. While most people don’t necessarily enjoy moving, it actually doesn’t have to be a bad experience. For instance, you can hire movers that will take care of the most daunting aspects of moving. In fact, there are some moving companies that will even pack up your belongings for you. This means you won’t have to pack or do any heavy lifting. If you choose to handle moving on your own, the tips below offer smart ways to get the job done.

1. Move During the Middle of the Month

If you want to use movers but don’t think you can afford to do so, check out pricing for moving in the middle of the month. Since leases usually go through the end or beginning of the month, there are often great deals available for mid-month moves.

2. Consume Frozen Foods

Nobody wants to be wasteful. To avoid throwing out food that’s in your refrigerator or freezer, plan meals that include perishable items you already have. It’s a great way to prevent waste and make the meals that you’d planned on making all along. This might also be a good time to donate canned foods that you don’t intend to consume.

3. Establish a Donate Box

There’s no use in dragging any items to your new home that you don’t need. A great way to jump start the moving process is by donating items to your favorite charity. You can even take the opportunity to scale down a bit. To simplify the donation process, establish a donate box that sits in a specified area. This box can be used by your entire family. It can even become a learning experience as you teach your children how to be generous. The Matco Calgary Movers website is a useful resource if you would like to learn more information.

4. Use Plastic Bags to Stay Organized

Plastic bags can be a life saver in many ways. We’ve all become accustomed to using them while travelling, but they can also be used when moving. For instance, you can put all of your hardware in a plastic, such as small screws obtained when disassembling furniture. Don’t forget to label the bags.

5. Develop a Moving Checklist

It’s hard to remember things when you have a lot going on in your life. A great way to remember what must be done is by creating a checklist. Whether you have two weeks or two months to prepare for your move, a checklist will make it a lot easier.

6. Protect Fragile Items

Instead of spending money on certain packing materials, consider using old linens to protect fragile items like dishes.

It’s always a good idea to work smarter and not harder. This applies to moving and the above mentioned tips can help you achieve that goal.

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