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A Guide to Specialized Bag Filters

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All processing and manufacturing processes require efficient filtration to operate legally and profitably. Industrial bag filters are the most indispensable filtration apparatus of the technical world. manufacturing or processing plants cannot operate without installing bag filter housings in their production systems. These housings function by separating insoluble solids from liquids, mostly wastewater.

Different industries require bag filters for different reasons: some need their industrial process water treated while some desire to treat their waste water, ground water, or cooling water. For this reason, we should examine the specialization of industrial bag filters to suit the operational needs of specific industries.

Water and wastewater purification plants remove contaminants from water. Since contaminants include soluble and insoluble solids as well as other liquids, these plants have several matter separation techniques. However, industrial bag filters are the sole insoluble apparatus that are used. Different kinds of bag filters are needed here to remove the different types and sizes of particles in the water. Such include pleated bag filters, regular bag filters, and cartridge filters.

Mining and chemical plants are plagued with many stringent economic, environmental, social and political rules. The rules require that such plants take utmost precautions to ensure the safety of their employees. They are required to use bag filters that have stainless steel housings and ASME stamps on them. Bag filters used must have the capacity to filter out very minute particles. Some regulations refer to these particles as sub-micron.

The food and beverage industry also requires the use of bag filters. However, unlike the mining and chemical industry, plants in this industry very much enjoy the economic needs of their filtration process. The bag filters required in the food industry only need emphasize on hygiene at particular stages, not all. The bag filters have a very high degree of reliability; especially in contrast to their low cost.

The brewing industry needs bag filters for the separation of:
• Grains and sugars
• Proteins from the fermenting brews
• Unwanted solids from the final product

Due to the different nature of every separation need, every step of separation requires differently specialized bag filters. The bag filters used in separating proteins from the brewing liquid are tighter than those used in separating grains from sugars. The tightest bag filters are only used at the very end of the brewing process.

All processing and manufacturing plants across the world have legal, environmental obligations. They also owe it to themselves to make their production processes as efficient as possible regarding economic and environmental friendliness. Therefore, they need to use the most efficient bag filters at every step of their production. Engaging professional filtration consultants, especially by outsourcing, could assist them to revamp their filtration systems to install specialized bag filters for every different functional step of their operations to maximize filtration efficiency and avoid constant repairs and replacement of worn out bag filters.

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