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Non-Invasive Dental Implants

Dental implant

Dental surgeons now use minimally invasive or non invasive treatments, techniques, protocols and products. Non invasive treatment in dental implants has also been introduced. Microscopic digital milling enables an implant to be placed right at the center of an opening. Using a microscope, implants can now be aligned accurately for purposes of functionality and also aesthetics. This type of digital treatment eliminates unnecessary incisions made in the gums, stretched tissue and stitches. The reduced surgical trauma is also a relief for patients who suffer dental anxiety.

The procedure in non surgical implants

An implant is similar to a screw and is designed to act in the place of a tooth. They are made using titanium and then sprayed with calcium phosphate. The structure and design used on these teeth placements promote prompt healing and long lasting results. Surgically placed implants often require bone grafting and the patient also takes time to recover. Non surgical placements on the other hand eliminate the need for bone grafting and accelerate treatment. A recovery period is also not necessary in the non-surgical and this means the crown or denture can be fitted by the dental surgeon in one visit.

In the non surgical procedure, stitching is not required. This means little discomfort is experienced. Once the treatment has been completed, the patient can eat light meals, with time, the mouth will adjust accordingly.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Placements

Non surgical treatment is ideal for denture wearers and those who are not comfortable with invasive dental surgery. The most significant advantage they have over surgical placements is that they provide a safer alternative for patients who have suffered severe bone loss. Depending on the density of the patients jawbone, it is possible to have four dental implants implanted in one visit. Unlike the surgical options, these placements do not need invasive surgery and they are a gentler option. Other advantages that come with non-surgical placements include:

• Clearer speech
• Easier cleaning
• Easier biting and chewing
• Better smelling breath
• Less discomfort
• Higher success rate
• No rotting of food underneath the implants
• Firmer fit
• Quick treatment time
• No sutures of cutting
• Permanent results
• No wobbling, slipping or discomfort
• Permanent results

Dental implants help to improve natural beauty by restoring the smile and the teeth back to full functionality. New technology eliminates unnecessary discomfort through minimally invasive procedures. Your dental surgeon will explain the procedure in detail and make you feel at ease.

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